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Can you help us with Office 365 licensing?

Yes. As part of our initial analysis and discovery we will work with you to identify your licensing needs. We can assist you with identifying the licensing type and also with procuring the licences.

I don't have any cloud presence. Can you help with on-boarding to Azure?

We work on a wide variety of project. Some of our customers are already enjoying the benefits of Azure cloud and some are just getting started. As part of our Exchange migration project we can assist you with setting up a new subscription and any additional services that you may require.

What should I do before I call for help?

Yes, if you are stuck we will help. While we encourage our customers to consider our managed services package, we do work on an incident basis if needed. Please have logs, screenshots and as much detail possible before contacting us at support@dmsgroup.ca .

We have less than 50 mailboxes. Where do I start?

There are no small projects that we turn away. We helped customers with 25 mailboxes and others with 20x more.

I have multiple Office 365 subscriptions. Can you help me consolidate our services?

Yes, it is fairly common scenario where we need to consolidate multiple subscriptions including Exchange Services (or entire Office 365).

Can you help me manage my Office 365 and Exchange Services?

Yes, we have a number of customers that fall under our cloud managed services. There are a variety of services that we can provide including administration, license management, security and compliance, monitoring and usage reporting, etc.

How long is my migration project going to last?

It depends. As part of our initial analysis and planning we are going to provide you with estimates for effort and duration. We are flexible and can perform some of the required work outside of your business hours just to reduce the impact on your day to day operations.

How much does it cost?

As part of our planning process we will provide you with estimates and budgetary considerations for your on-going licensing and operational costs. We have worked on fixed priced and time and material projects.

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