our K2 solutions automate

every business process


Our finance expertise

  • Seamless application processing and onboarding of new customers
  • Manage and consolidate tools and customer portfolios from a central location
  • Reduce servicing times by standardizing inquiry response process, routing to necessary teams to resolve by inquiry type
  • Generate data to meet reporting requirements for regulations like Basel III and Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Minimize manual reporting and improve accuracy for regulatory and compliance with multiple reviewers
  • Carry out internal auditing schedules seamlessly, identifying any shortcomings or risks
  • Identify areas of risks such as credit, foreign exchange, or inflation and carry out plans to address them
  • Receive notifications when defaults incur and debtors are past payment deadlines
  • Simplify the underwriting process by automatically verifying mortgage borrower’s details—credit history, income, etc.
  • Streamline the loan origination process, from application to disbursement
  • Collaborate with clients and draft, edit, and review all documents
  • Generate personalized portfolios based on customer interest and inquiries
human resources

Our human resources expertise

  • Smoother employee onboarding and offboarding with every team coordinated
  • Annual performance reviews easily submitted and approved
  • Strong employee response to surveys with clear, actionable data findings
  • HR policies always up-to-date through automatic reminders
  • Professional training and development quickly approved and reimbursed
  • Employee self-service for immediate answers on benefits
  • Simpler health plan enrollment, with selections routed to HR and the health plan
  • Automatically-routed leave requests lead to well-planned staffing

Our IT expertise

  • Internal help desk requests easily managed and resolved through automatic ticket routing and updates
  • Change orders made easy through automated scheduling
    Accelerated approvals for equipment with an automated process
  • Clear inventory management system with precise details for all and company-wide assets in one view
  • Project management tools work across systems, helping your teams stay coordinated
  • Manageable, worldwide technology development, with assignments routed to the right people
  • All work kept secure through automatic auditing
  • Respond faster to security incidents and vulnerabilities
  • Automatic notifications when users fall out of compliance with company policies
  • Meet internal and external standards with automated systems testing procedures
  • Thorough risk management process execution from identification to prioritization
  • Track, prioritize, and solve all customer support tickets, escalating and re-routing them when needed
  • Optimize your customer support strategy so you can resolve more tickets
  • Monitor progress from a central location and report on time savings, ticket count, and resolution rate
information technology

Our operations expertise

  • Vendor and supplier onboarding and contracts, simple and paperless
  • Field staff communication via mobile devices and SmartForms
  • Authorized expenditures automatically routed to company financial systems
  • Workflows integrated with your warehouse management system
  • Warehouse stock managed and allocated to customers, in one app
  • Better tracking systems for managing retail returns
  • Dashboards show inventory status, nationwide or worldwide
  • Centralized management of all assets—buildings, facilities, and equipment
  • Safety checks completed electronically, with appropriate teams notified for follow-up
  • A single system for completing quality control checklists and documenting corrections
  • Streamline management of mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • Re-allocate or redefine resources and budget organization-wide
  • Track process progress from product/business roadmaps to post mortem review to a continuous improvement plan
  • Automate communications of changes to employees and implement training where appropriate
  • High standards supported with user-friendly checklists and forms
  • Paperless audits save time, with everyone coordinated

Our sales and marketing expertise

  • Faster sales quotes, with an automated approval process
  • Purchase orders easily finalized while data transmits to accounting systems
  • Less time required to develop and complete proposals
  • Successful events with every detail and document managed
  • Proactive marketing with social media posts sent for approval and published automatically
  • Automatic notifications to the marketing team when leads from target accounts engage with campaigns
  • Full reporting on leads in a central view to measure campaign performance
  • Integrate with CRM systems to surface account information tied to leads
  • Completely paperless onboarding for customers with auto-alerts to  correct teams
  • A convenient experience with customer portals and self-service
  • Customer satisfaction is quickly gauged with SmartForm surveys
  • Employees serve customers knowledgeably with interconnected systems
  • Understanding of customers improves, as data builds in Salesforce or other CRM systems

Our accounting expertise

  • Expense claim information captured and automatically distributed with SmartForms
  • Reimburse claims quickly through straightforward integration with accounting and payroll
  • Clear financial reporting with dashboards across every expense category
  • Purchase and capital expenditure (CapEx) requests completed in a system-spanning, accounts payable workflow
  • Customers automatically notified when accounts are past due
  • Accounting systems updated when invoices are sent, saving time on data entry
  • The right information captured and approved from every department, with far less effort
  • Automatic notifications at every phase of the budget process
  • Every audit simplified, with automatically created audit trails
  • Time savings with one e-procurement system for all purchase requisitions and orders
  • Surprises avoided, with simpler ways to manage spend against budget
  • High quality—always—as purchases are appropriately inspected
  • Delays prevented, with simpler tools for contract management
  • Accurately prepared paperwork for all tax payments and returns
  • Central reporting for quarterly and annual tax reports
  • Increase tax savings and identify new ways for profit

Our healthcare expertise

  • Access and manage cases from a central location and get a holistic view of current hospital caseloads
  • Allow easy access for clinicians and back-office staff to real-time data, forms, and patient information pulled from various systems around the hospital
  • Automate documentation and reporting for all call center operations
  • Register and discharge patients following company processes and capture all patient information in a central location
  • Immediately send automated test results notifications to patients
  • Manage medical records in one place and update all systems that keep patient data on file
  • Respond to patient inquiries offsite and route cases to appropriate caregivers based on inquiry content
  • Capture, route, and track claims across their lifecycle to ensure compliance
  • Streamline authorization processes through automated communications between practices and payers
  • Reduce errors in billing and expedite revenue generation
  • Streamline your audit process with incident reporting management to monitor accidents and automatically notify the occupational health department
  • Provide clinicians with information around continuing education, notifying them when they need to fulfill their CE requirements

Our natural resources expertise

  • Monitor and generate drilling morning reports around any anomalies
  • Drive all personnel, drilling and reservoir engineers, geologists, service rig operators, etc. through the necessary training to educate them on safety risks and policies
  • Generate and send the necessary information to meet well permit requirements to regulatory compliance firms
  • Field workers can submit requests or information using mobile online/offline capabilities back to crew offsite
  • Manage field service tickets and re-route accordingly to the right personnel when escalation is required
  • Manage CapEx approvals for asset purchase and asset disposals
  • Streamline transportation and distribution to customers across multiple locations
  • Track volumes through various transportation methods in one view and automatically notify customers when a shipment is on the way
  • Monitor field processing and track rates of oil, gas, and water within reservoirs to determine oil value
  • Manage request forms and approvals for all cross-border pipeline expansions
  • Alert staff when smart sensors catch anomalies in pressure, flow, and level of oil in pressure wells
  • Minimize costs and health and safety risks with corrosion monitoring and manage refinery maintenance schedules accordingly
  • Create incident report management system and improve or remove any risky or hazardous items or processes
  • Digitize inspection processes and use real-time data to determine any asset repairs or replacements
  • Handle well issues and minimize downtime while gathering real-time data to determine the fix and value of the workover
  • Improve plant maintenance operations for better work order data quality
  • Auto-generate customer invoices with contract details and immediately update accounting records for accounts receivable
  • Track claims and policy information easily
public sector

Our public sector expertise

  • Increase efficiency around case management and process more cases in less time
  • Strategically plan and allocate budget, while assessing return for future investments
  • Easily manage documents circulated across teams and departments and control file versions
  • Manage grant applications in a central location and track progress on process
  • Gain control over compliance and regulations, viewing all companies-in-review in a central view
  • Automate permit application processes and allow employees to focus on higher-value items
  • Handle ticket collections and send violators automated notifications when fines are past due
  • Streamline public records requests and expedite requests or grant access
  • Verify requirements for enrollment and licensing are met prior to distribution
  • Citizens can report incidents through intake forms while the administration manages cases and coordinates responses
  • Confirm all qualification requirements are met for student applications or sent back to the applicant for re-work if the information is missing
  • Optimize and streamline the faculty onboarding and student registration and orientation process
  • Create a holistic view of the overall school budget and how investments impact student life